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‘If Ruto cared about uniting Kenyans he would have appointed CSs from all ethnic groups’ – Ekuru Aukot

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 11:03 | By
'If Ruto cared about uniting Kenyans he would have appointed CSs from all ethnic groups' - Ekuru Aukot
Politician Ekuru Aukoot. PHOTO/Courtesy

City politician Ekuru Aukot has weighed in on President William Ruto's appointees to the national executive.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, Aukot noted that Ruto should have been more considerate of all the 42 ethnic groups in accordance with Article 130 of the Kenyan Constitution.

The politician also claimed that Ruto's choices during the appointments were heavily influenced by the urge to reward his community and those who supported his presidential bid.

"I think that the issue which isn't openly discussed is that President William went on giving political promises so for him in appointing the cabinet to had to be a rewarding thing, especially to people from his community and we can see that majority of members of his cabinet are actually from the Kalenjin community.

"The president finds himself captured by political promises and actually fails to look at the constitution, which states that one must have consideration for regional and ethnic diversity," the politician said.

While reiterating that Ruto had not lived up to the constitution when appointing the national executive, Aukot stated that Ruto should have subdivided the appointments equally to all groups if he really cared about uniting Kenyans.

"If we have a president who really cares to unite Kenya he will appoint the first cabinet secretaries from 22 ethnic groups so that we achieve the language of ethnic diversity, then the other Principal secretaries would come from 22 other ethnic groups, and then we will have the face of Kenya at the national level," he added.

Further, Aukot insinuated that Ruto deliberately violated Chapter 6 of the constitution by appointing CSs and PSs who had a criminal record.

"We saw in president Willliam Ruto's appointments those people who were charged with serious offences those cases were dropped immediately, the person who dropped those cases, the DPP was immediately rewarded," he added.

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