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Flair and pomp from little-known aspirants in presidential contest

Friday, March 25th, 2022 05:40 | By
George Wajackoyah. PHOTO/Courtesy
George Wajackoyah. PHOTO/Courtesy

Just five months to Election Day, little-known aspirants are spicing up the presidential campaigns with radical proposals, dismissing the notion that it will be a two-horse race.

While the run-up to the August 9 poll has been dominated by the two leading contenders: Deputy President William Ruto and opposition chief Raila Odinga, other aspirants are also fighting for space.

Take the two latest entrants — Grita Muthoni, a mother of three, and Joe Mwaniki Nyaga, son of late cabinet minister Joe Nyanga.  The two are promising transformative leadership.

“Kenyans are exhausted, tired and depressed by the current options on the table,” Muthoni said during a rally to announce her bid.

“They have been bombarded with negative information daily, with none of the political actors presenting clear solutions to the nation’s  problems”, she added.

Asked about the two main horses already in the race, Ms Grita caused laughter when she replied that this is the time for leaders and not horses: “With your support, I intend to move Kenyans from ‘Human Wrongs’ to ‘Human Rights’”.

The psychology graduate of University of East London and trader with international and local experience says Kenya has enough resources to pay its debts. Muthoni was born in Nyahururu, Nyandarua County.

Meanwhile, Joe Nyaga says he is acting on a wish of his father who, he adds, was preparing for a presidential bid in 2022, before he died.

He says it is his democratic right to vie for the presidency although he is from a minority tribe, Mbeere. 

Mt Kenya issue

The 44-year old political science graduate adds that Mt Kenya region has been subjected to confusion. “Why is the region not keen on fielding a presidential candidate yet it has the highest number of voters? It seems there is plan to take these votes to a specific area,” he said.

Then there is lawyer George Wajackoyah, who has pledged to legalise bhang (marijuana). Last month, Wajackoyah said his government would reduce the official working days by one, noting that weekends would start on Friday. This would enable Muslims to attend Friday prayers uninterrupted. Wajackoyah is also crusading for introduction of the death penalty for people guilty of corruption.

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