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Isiolo: Governor Guyo puts lazy, non-performing county staff on notice

Thursday, October 20th, 2022 20:19 | By
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Isiolo Governor Abdi Guyo. PHOTO/Courtesy

Isiolo County Governor Abdi Guyo has put non-performing and lazy county workers and leaders on notice.

Speaking during Madaraka day celebrations, Guyo said his government is keen on bringing sanity in service delivery to the people of Isiolo.

He said he will unapologetically deal with lazy workers whether they voted for him or not noting that he is not focusing on the 2027 elections but on delivering to the majority of Isiolo citizens who voted him in.

"You should work and get paid for the work that is well done, and should also be ashamed if you are receiving a salary without working for it. Let us learn to eat from our sweat," he said.

He noted that his house cleaning activity began in the health sector where he and his deputy have visited various health facilities to observe how members of the public are being served.

The governor has assured residents of hospitals with enough qualified medics and all the kinds of medicine one may require.

Guyo promises to pay workers

Guyo has also promised to pay the demonstrating county labourers from the previous administration.

However, he said that they will be fired thereafter noting that they are all ghost workers.

"My style of leadership is different from that of all my predecessors and therefore, I see no need of continuing to pay 600 people who are ghost workers. That's wasting our people's money," he stated.

The Speaker of the County Assembly of Isiolo Mohamed Roba Qoto also promised to use his skills and experience of 22 years in the police service to instill discipline in the MCAs and bring legislation that will benefit the people of Isiolo.

He said that vetting of the CECs is set to kick off on Monday, however, noted there is now a law in place to put the CECs in check after their approval.

He vowed to spearhead the passing of the standing orders to make sure the CECs are accountable to the MCAs whereby they will have powers to summon individual CECs for questioning in the county assembly and thereafter give a recommendation to the governor.

The Speaker further expressed his willingness to help voters keep watch on their MCAs' performance, whether they participate in the motions or not by streaming all county assembly proceedings through social media.

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