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‘I am not crazy and I don’t drink’ -Ruto says as he defends Finance Bill proposals

Sunday, May 28th, 2023 16:56 | By
President William Ruto
President William Ruto. PHOTO/Courtesy

President William Ruto has defended the proposals of the Finance Bill 2023, saying that they were carefully thought of before being fronted in the Bill.

Speaking in Busia during interdenominational prayers, Ruto held that the proposed three per cent Housing Levy is meant to create employment for the Kenyan youth.

He says the funds will be used to construct affordable housing, and that 42 counties have already identified land for affordable housing.

"In this budget, I am not crazy and I do not drink. I know what I'm saying. I have arranged this budget properly," Ruto said.

The President estimates that the affordable housing programme, which will be funded through the housing levy, will provide employment to over 25,000 youths in Busia including masons, engineers, welders and plumbers. The youths, according to Ruto, will help in the construction of 5,000 houses in Busia.

"I promised the common Kenyans that I will uplift them and we will start from employment. I need 25,000 youths for the housing project including engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, electricians, masons, carpenters and labourers. We must have a plan that will give our youths employment," Ruto said.

Ruto accusations on employed Kenyans

The President accused the employed Kenyans of trying to incite the unemployed against supporting the Housing Levy, which he says will sabotage the affordable housing agenda and provision of employment.

"I have said that those with payslips (employed) should give something small so that the unemployed have a payslip. But you (unemployed) have accepted to be lied to by the employed because they do not want to give something. They want you to continue suffering," Ruto said.

The proposed law seeks to compel employers and their employees to contribute 3% of their wages to the housing scheme.

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