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‘I’m not eyeing Mt Kenya kingpinship’ – DP Gachagua

Sunday, January 8th, 2023 22:35 | By
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. PHOTO/(@RigathiGachagua)Facebook

117 days in office, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is still sticking close to his script when responding about the state of the nation since taking over the government.

Speaking to Inooro TV in his home in Wamunyoro, Nyeri, on Sunday, January 8, the country's second in command didn’t stray from talking points in his answers, careful not to move beyond President Ruto’s position on a multitude of issues.

He maintains that the current government inherited a broke government since the treasury had no money thus the persistently high cost of living.

He argues that the former government took loans to subsidize products, a strategy the current government has refused to apply for the welfare of the nation.

“In our defence, we inherited a broke government, the Treasury had no money by the time we took over the government. The reason the price of unga is still high is that we scraped the subsidy on unga from the former government for subsidized fertilizer. We cannot continue taking loans for subsidized products like the former govt," he noted.

Further Gachagua noted that he is certain of his place in the government saying, his continued fight for Mt Kenya people is not a desperate move to seek approval as the next region's kingpin.

This comes amid speculations that the deputy president is seeking opportunities to showcase his own interest and craft a lane as a visionary deputy president with potential presidential ambitions.

While responding to the interviewer about if he could be eying the Mt Kenya kingpinship, he retaliated, saying; “No.”

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