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‘Ruto’s regime scared stiff’ – Kabando claims gov’t shaken by Raila’s resilience to hold rallies

Saturday, March 4th, 2023 14:44 | By
Raila Odinga addresses rally in Kisumu on February 18, 2023. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Former Mukurweini Member of Parliament (MP) Kabando wa Kabando claims that president William Ruto is shaken by Raila Odinga's resilience to hold anti-government rallies.

In tweets posted on March 4, 2023, Kabando alleged that Azimio la Umoja One Kenya alliance rallies have caused panic within the government.

Kabando noted that Ruto's ranting spree is a testament to the panic caused by Raila's anti-government rallies.

"I recognise Ruto as the CONSTITUTIONALLY elected president, as I support Raila's oversight crusade to protest the rising costs of living via NONVIOLENT mass action. Ruto is turning even a disciplined National Youth Service Paramilitary Academy pass out parade to a ranting fora," Kabando tweeted.

He added that Ruto's regime was scared stiff by Raila whom he described as a 'guerilla' swimming in masses.

"Ruto is shaken by Raila's resilience. Raila is a "guerilla" swimming in masses, only upset self #handshake #BBI #UhuruDeepState. Ruto's regime scared stiff, hence the paranoid bravado," Kaband tweeted.

The former Mukurweini MP further noted that the government was displaying a paranoid bravado and speculated that 'peace talks' was could be underway.

"Yet…."peace talks" loading?…or a secret parley? So called "HustlerNation" no longer at ease," he added.

Secret talk

In tweets posted on February 20, 2023, Kabando claimed that Ruto was baiting Azimio in a bid to tame the opposition.

He alleged that Raila would be Prime Minister through the constitutional amendments proposed by the government.

"Making this observation without fear, favour, bias, or prejudice: Ruto is baiting Azimio while Raila is on his way to Parliament via Ruto's sly constitutional amendments. Ruto and Raila in plot; secret talks. HIGH VOLTAGE PALACE CONSPIRACY against gullible, suffering Kenyans," Kabando tweeted.

He added that Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka would be made senior envy.

The former Mukurweini MP suggested that rebel Jubilee and ODM lawmakers who have aligned themselves with the government was just part of the strategy to prop up numbers in Parliament to guarantee an easy time passing the envisaged Constitutional amendments.

"Uhuru Special Envoy. Ruto President. Raila 'PM' via Bunge slot. Amiable Musalia is Premier CS. Soft Kalonzo Senior Envoy, shortly. Already, RAO's curtain raisers aka "rebels" led by an ODM Senator in, while UK's proxies via Jubilee "rebels" clearing dew. 2005 ODM big5 reunites?" Kabando tweeted.

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