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Kasarani: Inside Raila’s Azimio la Umoja event programme

Friday, December 10th, 2021 10:24 | By

ODM leader Raila Odinga has on Friday, December 10, 2021, convened the Azimio la Umoja national convention at the Kasarani stadium where he is expected to declare his interest in the 2022 presidency.

The convention will be a culmination of a flurry of Azimio la Umoja meetings that the former premier has been holding across the nation.

People Daily Digital has caught a glimpse of the programme of the much-touted convention.

In the programme, the gates were set to open for the public between 6:00 am and 8:00 am. During the same window, security officers were scheduled to screen the arriving members of the public at the venue.

The event would then commence between 8:00-10:20 am before artistes' performances between 10:20-11:30 am.

The man of the moment, Raila Odinga, is expected to arrive in Kasarani at 11:30 am.

His arrival will be followed by the reciting of the national anthem and prayers from religious leaders. The prayers will then be followed by performances from artistes that will end at 12:15 pm to pave way for the airing of Raila's documentary.

The Master of Ceremonies will then proceed to recognize and introduce dignitaries present at the event. After the introductions, videos from the flurry of Azimio la Umoja meetings across the country will be aired and then followed by another session of performances from artistes.

Between 2:15 pm and 2:20 pm, there will be a performance by gospel artiste Anastacia Mukabwa that will be preceded by speeches from notable figures.

Raila Odinga's family will then hand over the former premier to his supporters, followed by a speech by Raila's wife, Mama Ida Odinga.

Between 2:25 pm and 2:35 pm, the motion of the day will be unveiled followed by an address from Raila Odinga. The opposition chief will then proceed to launch the Azimio la Umoja Movement and close the convention.

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