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Kiambu politicians root for unity, peace among leaders

Monday, June 12th, 2023 15:17 | By
Kiambu: Ruiru MP Simon King’ara.
Ruiru MP Simon King’ara. PHOTO/Courtesy

A section of Kiambu politicians are now rooting for unity among leaders for social-economic development of the county and the country at large.

The politicians noted that it is through reconciliation and unity of purpose that the citizenry will benefit from developments that will better their livelihoods.

Speaking in Ruiru Constituency, Kiambu County, the politicians led by area MP Simon King’ara said they had shelved political infights and are now focused on delivering the services required by their electorates.

King’ara noted that with political rifts among leaders, no substantial development can be actualized as politicians channel most of their energy towards fighting each other.

"I'm here because of you and it is only through unity that I can be able to deliver what I promised during the campaigns. We should not fight, personally, I'm ready to work with anyone for the interests of my people," said King'ara.

His sentiments were echoed by Kiambu County Assembly Majority Leader Godfrey Mucheke and a host of other MCAs who called for a peaceful co-existence among leaders to fast-track development for the benefit of Kenyans.

"Let us borrow a lead from the National Prayer Breakfast and reconcile as a people. We only have time to better the livelihoods of those who elected us and not to impoverish them further," said Mucheke.

Kiambu Governor's take

On his part, Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi who was present during the church service insisted that badmouthed, outspoken politicians hardly deliver for their people and urged his fellow leaders to walk the talk of delivering their promises to Kenyans.

Wamatangi at the same time announced that in one week’s time, the county will release Ksh100 million more as a new bursary kitty to support the education of learners whose parents continue to struggle economically.

He said that Ksh100 million more has been set for release in August totalling Ksh300 million that the county will have disbursed to deserving learners by the end of this year.

"We have so far released Ks100 million in the form of bursaries to ensure that Kiambu children remain in school uninterrupted. We are in the process of releasing Ksh100 million more and a similar amount will be disbursed in August totalling Ksh300 million. The money we will have given out as education aid," said Wamatangi.

Wamatangi called on MCAs to collaborate with MPs in harmonizing issuance of the education aid to ensure that no single learner will miss school because of poverty.

This comes as King’ara continues to lament over the low allocation of the kitty for his populous constituency, a situation that ends up forcing his office to give very little to learners as bursaries.

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