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Kingi calls for flawless co-ordination between Parliament, DP’s office

Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 07:00 | By
Kingi calls for flawless co-ordination between Parliament, DP’s office
Speaker of the Senate, Amason Kingi.

The Senate has appealed for continuous co-ordination between Parliament and the Office of the Deputy President for enhanced service delivery and representation of the people.

Speaking during the Post-Election Seminar of the 4th Senate held at Serena Beach Resort, Mombasa, the Speaker of the Senate, Amason Kingi encouraged Members of both Houses, to hold regular discussions to share and exchange ideas on the different issues they could have, in order to come to mutual resolutions that will enhance their service delivery to the citizens.

The Speaker appealed to the Deputy President for a well-structured working relationship with his office, in order to coordinate the intergovernmental relationship between the National Government and the County Government, which includes the Senate.

Kingi said the key purpose of the workshop was to equip and enhance the capacity of the senators, especially the new incoming to efficiently and effectively perform their constitutional mandate.

The workshop was jointly convened with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

The Speaker applauded the tremendous work the Resource Persons did, at impacting very valuable knowledge to the senators before and during the workshop. He also noted there was great enthusiasm exhibited by the senators, to share and learn from the distinguished Resource Persons from diverse Parliamentary Jurisdictions in, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Among the resource persons that attended the meeting were the Secretary General of the CPA, Stephen Twigg, who is a former MP of the House of Commons in England and also served as Secretary in the UK and the Deputy Chair of National Council of Provinces in South Africa, which is similar to the senate in Kenya, Sylvia Lucas.

“The Senate is not the House of the elderly, but a House of maturity; we do have issues but  we strive to pursue better avenues and achieve the very same results,” Kingi said in reference to relations between Senate and National Assembly.

“The Senate is the protector of the county interests. Once Council of Governors, Senate and DP’s office work come up with a structured way of engagement, I believe a number of issues will find effective solutions,” he concluded.                           

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