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Kirinyaga audit a must, says governor candidate Ngirici

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 03:13 | By
Wangui Ngirici. PHOTO/Courtesy
Wangui Ngirici. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kirinyaga Woman Rep Wangui Ngirici has vowed to conduct a forensic audit of the county’s finances if elected as governor in the August 9 polls.

She said the status of the county’s finances was messy. “I cry for the suffering that our people are subjected to by an uncaring leadership put in office by the Jubilee euphoria of 2017 polls. This time voters will go for a personality, not party populism,” she said.

She claimed that inpatients at county hospitals were going without meals, forcing overburdened relatives to dig deeper into their pockets for basic necessities as the administration concentrated on non-priority issues.

“This is a failed leadership. I am ready to fix it. At the moment, I must remind its CEO that the time to pack up is now,” she said.

 Speaking at a rally at Ciagini village in Mwea constituency, Ngirici promised to fix the mess within 100 days in office as the county’s third governor.

Ngirici claimed funds had been diverted from the county’s treasury to assist in opposition politics, “yet our people continue to suffer for lack of basic healthcare.” 

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