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Kivuti swears in DEP aspirants in Embu

Sunday, March 27th, 2022 16:28 | By
Embu County Senator Lenny Kivuti when he met aspirants of DEP party. PHOTO/Brian Malila

Embu governor hopeful Lenny Kivuti has "sworn in" Embu aspirants who will be contesting seats on Devolution Empowerment Party (DEP) tickets to remain faithful to the party.

While meeting aspirants in Embu town, Kivuti said the party has attracted a big number of aspirants.

Kivuti, while releasing the aspirants on a vote hunting mission, said DEP had potential candidates and expressed confidence that it will capture many seats in Embu County.

The aspirants swore word by word to be loyal to the party.

"I swear that I will be faithful to the party of Devolution Empowerment Party and I will guard the party constitution. So help me God. Amen," the aspirants said after Kivuti.

The party will field candidates from the position of governor down to the position of the member of county assembly.

Earlier, Kivuti urged members of the public not to accept any plot by politicians to be lured to party politics that have no development agenda.

"There are people going around telling people to elect them because they are associated with certain politicians leading a certain party, a party cannot bring development let's look on a leader who can deliver development to the people of Embu county," Kivuti said.

The former Embu senator lauded Embu residents for joining 'BUS' Party, urging the Mt. Kenya East residents to stand by it so that they can have negotiating power adding that the party is set for a fierce contest in Embu county.

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