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Leaders call for peaceful campaigns

Thursday, March 17th, 2022 03:11 | By
Kanu National Executive Committee member Kesia Opondo PHOTO/COURTESY

A section of Kanu leaders in Kisumu have called for peaceful campaigns as the General Election gains momentum.

Led by Kanu National Executive Committee member Kesia Opondo (pictured), they warned the youth against indulging in electoral violence.

“We want youth to conduct themselves with civility during the electioneering period,” said Opondo.

She was addressing the media in Kisumu, where the officials met to update themselves on the pending campaigns plan Opondo lauded efforts by the party leader Gideon Moi to rally members to join the Azimio coalition.

She said they fully support plans to work together with the Azimio coalition to unite Kenyans, who have  been torn apart by deep ethnic divisions: “For us unity in diversity is key and paramount. We will tag along with our party leader wherever he goes.” S

Kanu national organising secretary Jack Nyambega stressed on the need for peacefiul campaingns for the sake of the country’s security.

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