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Leaders in Nyamira urge Muturi to join Ruto ahead of 2022

Sunday, November 28th, 2021 15:28 | By
Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi. Photo/PD/JOSEPH KING’ORI

A section of Deputy President William Ruto allies from Nyamira County have urged National Assembly speaker Justine Muturi to join hands with the second in command to form the next government.

The allies said they were fully convinced the duo will make a perfect combination in moving the country forward in next year's polls.

Speaker Muturi led other leaders in a funds drive in aid of construction of Riosiago SDA Church in Gesima ward, Kitutu Masaba Constituency, Nyamira County.

"We know you have a great vision for our country, and you mean well. Having a great dream for our country is a step that takes someone like you to stand and work for the people," Kitutu Masaba MP Shadrack Mose said.

Former Kitutu Masaba MP Walter Nyambati however called on speaker Muturi to join DP Ruto so that they can form the next government, which he said is going to be true.

"We know, that Deputy President William Ruto is going to form the next government and hence we call you to join him because we know if you join the DP, you will deliver the Presidency and that has no question,"Nyambati said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by West Mugirango MP Vincent Kemosi who called upon speaker Muturi to join DP, saying it is a sure win for the people of Mount Kenya if DP Ruto and speaker Muturi join hands and form the next government.

"By the friendship of our people with the people of Mount Kenya, as the people of Nyamira, we know the DP has been a frequent visitor in our county and region at large. It is, therefore, for this reason, we call upon our speaker to join hands with DP Ruto to form the next government. We are assured the speaker will consider joining DP Ruto in forming the next government," Kemosi said.

North Mugirango Member of Parliament Joash Nyamoko said, the gusii region had trust in interior CS Fred Matiang'i to run for Presidency, but he decided to back Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga, saying he will entirely be the campaign manager for speaker Muturi and will join him in his quest for the Presidency despite whom he will join in the race.

"I will support speaker Muturi in his presidential bid, despite whom he will join hands with in the coming General elections. As you all know, we had decided to back CS Matiang'i to go for the big seat, but he left his ambition and decided to back ODM leader Raila Odinga. Now that we don't have any presidential candidate from our Gusii region, let us support speaker Muturi," Nyamoko said.

He called upon all the leaders to be in the forefront in preaching peace at this time when the country is preparing for next year's General elections.

Muturi held consultations with former councillors at former Councillor Nyabuti Mamboleo's home in Kitutu Masaba Constituency before he proceeded to the church for the funds drive.

Leaders who attended the function promised to support speaker Muturi's Presidential bid and called upon all the local leaders to support Muturi in his ambition.

"We know you mean well for our country, we want to assure you of our support in your presidential bid because we know you have always led the National assembly in a decent manner, and that is a proof of your leadership skills," Nyamira Assembly speaker Moffat Teya said.

Speaker Muturi was with Kitutu Masaba MP Shadrack Mose, North Mugirango MP Joash Nyamoko, West Mugirango MP Vincent Kemosi, Senator Okong'o Omogeni Nyamira County assembly speaker Moffat Teya Women representative Jerusha Momanyi and all former councillors from Nyamira County.

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