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Lenku suspends political rallies to mourn slain Masimba four

Saturday, June 4th, 2022 23:19 | By
Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku. PHOTO/Courtesy
Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku. PHOTO/Courtesy

The Maa spokesperson who doubles as Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku has suspended his political rallies to mourn the four men that were shot dead by police on Thursday during a protest against wildlife attacks.

The much-hyped rallies that were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday remain suspended to allow the Maa nation and residents of Kajiado to mourn the lives lost in a bloody incident involving human-wildlife conflict.

Speaking at Kajiado shortly after being cleared by IEBC to seek reelection in the August polls, Lenku maintained that life is precious calling on all Kenyans to be tolerant with one another.

"I have cancelled my political rallies this weekend to allow us to mourn our departed brothers who died as a result of bullets. We are indeed saddened and still Mourning together with the victim's families," Lenku said.

The county further said that while campaigning during this electioneering period, it is important for political leaders to exercise humanity by exhibiting best political practices that mean well for all including preaching peace, love and unity.

He further said he will launch door to door campaigns to preach peace and national cohesion in an effort to ensure Kajiado remains among the most peaceful cosmopolitan county.

" I have been cleared by IEBC and it is all systems go. My competitor should brace themselves for a bruising battle of ideas. I also want to urge them to stop tribal-based politics and inciteful remarks. We want a united County and country where leaders compete mutually with ideas and not petty politics of name-calling, " the Maa leader added.

This comes amid the emergence of snake politics where a section of leaders have branded immigrant communities as snakes.

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