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‘Maina Njenga and his Mungiki militia have no place in Kenyan politics’ – Aden Duale

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 13:27 | By
Garissa Township MP Aden Duale Photo/PD/FILE

Aden Duale has rebuked former Mungiki Sect leader Maina Njenga over hostility experienced by Deputy President William Ruto during his tour in Laikipia county on Tuesday, December 7.  

Duale accused Njenga of rallying rogue mungiki group to disrupt Ruto's public address.

Speaking during an interview with a local outlet on Tuesday night, Duale stated that Maina Njenga is not eligible to join the United Democratic  Alliance (UDA) party over his 'love for violence'.

“Maina Njenga and his Mungiki militia have no place in the legislature. They have no place in the politics and I want to see how the security agencies will deal with him after how he conducted himself today,” Duale said.

The Garissa Township MP further noted that the hostility experienced by DP Ruto was unlawful and should be addressed as a security concern.

 “Today is a very sad day; the Ministry of Interior must deal with Mungiki. Mungiki cannot be a player in our political arena,” he said.

Duale deemed Njenga unfit for political leadership naming a couple of circumstances where Njenga was denied candidature over security concerns.

“I remember Maina Njenga was denied KANU ticket by President Kenyatta in 2002. He denied him a ticket of TNA on 2013, and even told us as URP to deny him a ticket. In 2017, he denied him a Jubilee ticket,” MP Duale stated.

During a Hustler campaign rally yesterday, Ruto had a rough time calming down a section of the youths who were heckling him while he was addressing residents in Laikipia County.

The heckling intensified but Ruto remained unshaken and instead challenged his hecklers to leave his rally if they felt uncomfortable.

Amid the back-and-forths, Ruto boldly told them off saying;

“Hapana, apange mkutano yake. Hii mkutano ni yangu. Please tuelewani. Tafadhali, please, tuwe na nidhamu. Msikuje hapa kupiga kelele kwa mkutano yangu. Mpange mkutano yenu, wacheni upuzi! Siwezi kukubali.”

Adding: “Lazima tuwe an nidhamu, msikuje hapa kupiga kelele kwa mikutano yangu. Kila mtu apange mkutane yake… Apange mkutano yake, hii mkutano ni yangu (We must have respect between up, you can make noises in my rally. Let everyone organize their rallies where they can heckle).

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