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‘I will follow the will of my constituents’ -Mathioya MP says ahead of Finance Bill debate

Monday, June 5th, 2023 16:56 | By
'I will follow the will of my constituents' -Mathioya MP says ahead of Finance Bill debate
Mathioya Mp Edwin Mugo during the launch of feeder roads upgrading program at Kamacharia. PHOTO/ Wangari Njuguna

Mathioya Member of Parliament(MP) Edwin Mugo has said the Finance Bill 2023 will be subjected to further scrutiny once its report is tabled in the National Assembly.

Mugo said the parliamentarians will first check the details of the report and debate on the areas they may find not suitable to the members of the public.

Speaking in his backyard in Kamacharia during the launch of the feeder roads upgrading program, the MP said they will consider the input from the members of the public who have been crying foul over the proposed new taxes.

Though he did not give his stand on the Bill, Mugo said he will go by what his constituents wanted.

“The report on the Finance Bill that will be brought to parliament is subject to scrutiny and amendments before we give the consent for its adoption,” Mugo said.

“We will put into consideration the views and concerns of the public and ensure its favourable for all and personally I will follow the will of my people,” he added.

In his response to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's warning to the members of parliament who will shoot down the bill saying they risk losing access to development funds, the MP said the remark was uncalled for.

“Politicians are used to making statements but we should be careful of the ones we make in public, especially on matters that concern them” he added.

The majority of the leaders especially from the Mt Kenya region have been avoiding the debate, especially in public forums fearing the backlash from the residents.

The MPs are in a dilemma of whether to pass the controversial bill and face the wrath of the public or shoot it down and put their political career at risk by going against the wish of the president who has been pushing for its adoption.

The feeder roads upgrade program will see 12 feeder roads rehabilitated to make them all weather-easing transport in the area. Mugo said the project will cost Ksh60 million.

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