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Meru governor vows not to set foot at County Assembly as MCAs decide on her impeachment

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 09:28 | By
Meru governor vows not to set foot at County Assembly as MCAs decide on her impeachment
The embattled Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Embattled Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza will know her fate on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, as Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) deliberate over her impeachment motion.

The governor is expected to appear in person or through her lawyers at the County Assembly to counter the accusations during the debate.

The County Assembly is expected to deliberate on Kawira's impeachment motion today if the High Court in Meru does not intervene to stop the process.

The embattled Meru governor filed a petition in court last week seeking to have the Assembly barred from debating her impeachment.

Justice Thripisa Cherere is expected to give a ruling today morning.

MCAs will debate and vote on the impeachment motion if the court doesn't issue orders stopping the process.

No show

Governor Mwangaza vowed to steer clear of the County Assembly today as the MCAs discuss her impeachment.

Speaking at Kathatene in Igembe Central during her last round of Budget validation forum on Tuesday, Mwangaza dared the MCAs to vote for her impeachment to the last man.

"They are now threatening to kick me out of office. If that is the plan, I declare that they will go before me. I will not go to the assembly because I will be busy meeting the people," she said.

She further claimed that the accusations made against her were not founded on any evidence.

She maintained that she was not afraid of the impeachment since her office is founded on the constitution.

"The governor's office is not established through a piece of paper so that you discard it at your whims. It is unheard of to impeach a governor after just two months in office. What have I done?" she posed.

68 MCAs

The impeachment motion tabled by Minority Whip Abogeta West Denis Kiogora was supported by 68 out of the total 69 MCAs in the assembly.

The MCAs supporting the impeachment motion cited nepotism, illegal appointments, unlawful dismissals and usurpation of the constitutional and statutory functions of county organs, contempt of court, illegal dismissals, incitement, bullying, vilification, and misleading campaigns against other leaders as the reasons for the impeachment.

Other grounds include forceful entry into the assembly precincts and mobilisation of unlawful riots against members of the assembly, violation of public finance management law, and misconduct relating to the nomination of County Executive Committee Members.

The governor is also accused of disregarding the criteria for the establishment of offices within the county public service including failing to submit her husband’s name for approval by the assembly before making the impugned appointments

In the motion, they also accused Kawira of incitement and bullying blaming her for holding public rallies to humiliate and incite against Members of the Assembly and other elected leaders falsely.

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