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Mt Kenya Bishop cautions Uhuru against taking sides in his succession politics

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 19:24 | By
Bishop Ngiye Photo/Courtesy

The bishop of the Redeemed Gospel Church in Mt Kenya South Region, Samuel Nginye, has urged president Uhuru Kenyatta not to push the electorate to elect a certain leader.

Nginye pointed out that there is need for the head of state to leave the electorate to decide for themselves since he is the president of all.

Bishop Nginye said that the action may polarize the country with few months left to the general election.

Speaking during prayer day for the redeemed Gospel Church at Muthatari, the man of cloth stated that the electorate should be given opportunity to chose their leaders.

"We don't want to hear the narrative of politics of inheritance ,this narrative of who should inherit a particular seat should stop,this is not a garden of anybody, please I pray that the president won't take any side," he said.

President Kenyatta has already given several signals that he may be back ODM leader Raila Odinga for the 2022 presidency.

While speaking in December last year in Nakuru, Kenyatta said that age is not a factor and equated a presidential race to marathon race.

He told those eying the top seat not to underate the former premier because of his age."Ukikuja uambiwe huyu ni mzee tunataka kijana sijui huyu ako namna hii,huyu akona namna hii,huyu ako namna ile, ah ah, mtu anachangua na bongo bwana ," Uhuru said then.

"Sio sprint ni marathon ,wewe utakimbia by the time unafika pale pumzi imeisha lakini mzee anakanyaga Pole pole akuje akupitie ukiwa bado kwa barabara,"Uhuru added.

Bishop Nginye on the same breath called on politicians not to utter words that may lead to blood shed.

The man of the cloth stated that there is need for political good manners that will keep residents in peace before, during and after election.

"I want to urge the IEBC to stamp authority this time and lock out perpetrators of hate speech," he said.

The Bishop further urged locals to come out in large numbers and register as voters so that om 9th of August they can exercise their democratic right and vote in leaders of their choice.

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