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‘Azimio should differentiate between genuine agitation and provocation’- Mudavadi

Sunday, March 19th, 2023 15:19 | By
Prime Secretary Musalia Mudavadi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has accused Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga of provoking the Kenya Kwanza administration with mass action calls.

Speaking during a church service at Kapsabet Showground in Nandi county on Sunday, March 19, Mudavadi said the opposition should differentiate between genuine agitation and provocation.

Raila is expected to lead mass protests in Nairobi on Monday to protest against the high cost of living in the country and runaway inflation among other grievances.

Mudavadi, while insisting that President William Ruto won fairly in the last elections, dismissed the calls for protests, insisting that Monday is a normal working day.

The opposition had declared the day a 'public holiday' to allow their supporters to participate in the planned mass action.

Mudavadi warned the opposition to tread carefully, saying even patience has an elastic limit.

"William Samoei Ruto won the election because he sold his manifesto and his agenda. He intends to deliver on that agenda. We now must tell other people there is a difference between provocation and genuine agitation. What we are seeing from the Azimio corner is not agitation but provocation," Mudavadi said.

"Everything has a point of elasticity. Patience can also be elastic to a certain point. Provocation can also be managed to a certain point. Let the leaders of this county and particularly those in opposition differentiate between agitation and provocation."

He, however, maintained that the government was in control and no Kenyan should feel threatened.

"Monday is a working day. We shall be on duty to serve the people of Kenya. Those who wish to protest should not obstruct those who will be on duty," he added.

"Kenyans should not be worried about Monday protests. The president is fully in charge. He defeated those fellows when they had all the instruments of power, which he now has. Kenya is safe."

Mudavadi said the President had been vindicated for exercising restraint during the campaign period and urged him not to be distracted by Azimio's 'sideshows'.

"Your excellency, you are not a vindictive person, you are not a vengeful person. There were provocations. They pushed you to the limit but you stood your ground and you are the leader of Kenya today. By exercising that restraint you have been vindicated by the people of Kenya through the vote. You are now receiving a lot of recognition on behalf of Kenyans do not let any of these sideshows distract us," Mudavadi said.

"We are going to stand with you. We want everybody to stand with the president and we want the people to know that they can not live in fear. The president has dealt with fear. He has exercised fear and we Kenyans must also exercise fear and nobody should hold us, hostage, now and in the future."

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