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‘I am not getting involved in Azimio rallies’ – Governor Mutula Jr

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 11:33 | By
'I am not getting involved in Azimio rallies' -Governor Mutula Jr
Mutula Kilonzo Jr. PHOTO/Courtesy

Makueni county governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr has promised not to involve himself with any Azimio rallies and demonstrations.

Speaking in Makueni, Mutula Jr, who was elected on a Wiper democratic party ticket, said he will not involve himself in the rallies until the Ukambani region gets development projects like Nyanza region.

"I will not go to the demonstrations until we get good roads, airports and other projects which Nyanza region got from former President Uhuru Kenyatta's government," Governor Mutula said.

Mutula said for now he will work with the current government to ensure it delivers developments to his people, stating that fighting the current government will not help the Kamba community.

"We will have to get hold of the national government closer to benefit with big projects as Nyanza did in the previous government," Mutula said

He said that the Ukambani region is not equal to Nyanza in terms of developments and it's high time they open up to tap developments equally with that of Nyanza instead of participating in rallies against the Kenya Kwanza government.

Mutula, who is the vice chairman of the Wiper democratic party which is in the Azimio coalition, might clash with the party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka who has been on the front line participating in the Azimio rallies.

Mutua has previously stated without fear that despite having been elected on the Wiper ticket he was ready to work with the current government.

Last year, he called upon Ukambani region leaders to ensure they work with the Kenya Kwanza government for the benefit of their people.

Mutula stated that Ukambani can't always be in opposition, urging leaders to think of their people's needs.

The three Ukambani governors who were all elected on Wiper party tickets seem to have made the decision to work with Kenya Kwanza despite their party leader leading them to the opposition.

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