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Nairobi MCAs up in arms over bursary funds disbursement delay

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 13:29 | By
Nairobi MCAs debate a motion on Governor Mike Sonko ouster. Photo/PD/file

Nairobi MCAs have continued to complain over the delay of bursaries for over seven months now.

This has prompted them to summon the County Executive Committee for Education and Finance to explain the cause of the delay.

Speaking to People Daily Digital, Utalii Ward MCA said they are yet to receive money for bursary to disburse to citizens for over seven months, claiming that it is because the people involved have refused to own their mistakes.

"We were given bursary forms seven months ago and up to now there is no one who is concerned about it," Ochola said.

Ochola further noted that the education office only blames the finance office.

The finance office upon enquiry claims the money had been disbursed to NMS.

"As representatives of the people, we have done a follow up to try and find out where the problem is. When we go to the education office they claim to have finished their part imposing the blame on the Finance office.

"The finance office then says all the money was disbursed to NMS. The back and forth prompted us to summon them on Thursday and know where the problem is," Ochola added.

Earlier on, the county legislators had threatened to go on strike and shoot down the supplementary budget if the bursary funds were not released.

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