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‘Protests won’t solve our problems’ – Nandi religious leaders warn

Friday, July 7th, 2023 16:47 | By
Bishop Samwel Karanja Kamanda of Christ Co Workers Nandi
Bishop Samwel Karanja Kamanda of Christ Co Workers Nandi. PHOTO/Isaiah Cheruiyot

Religious leaders and education stakeholders from Nandi County have warned that protests will not solve Kenyan problems.

A section of religious leaders in Nandi county have told Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya coalition party leadership to shelve the mass protests which resumed on Friday, July 7, 2023, paralysing transport in most parts of the country.

Addressing media in Nandi Hills town, the leaders led by Bishop Samwel Karanja Kamanda of Christ Co-Workers (Chrisco) Church say the country is adversely affected by the harsh economic condition.

"It is so shocking that Azimio leadership have opted to take to the streets yet the country has been peaceful. Such decisions are really disheartening" Kamanda said.

Bishop Kamanda further faulted the opposition for the destruction of property which occurred during the protests across the country.

"As we speak, some passengers as well travellers cannot pass on certain routes due to protests by Azimio supporters. Matatu operations in some regions have been paralysed. Is that not a big loss to revenue collection in counties and the country at large? Azimio needs to change their tactics which include the use of independent institutions like courts and Parliament while seeking or championing their grievances," Kamanda added.

The prelate at the same time called on Azimio's leadership to give time to Kenya Kwanza administration to deliver on their promises.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Kennedy Malongo Mulatia regretted that education activities have been also affected by Azimio demos as most learners could not attend classes due to tension and fear in the regions protests have been witnessed

"In the event of mass protests, education as well can be disrupted by demonstrators who interfere with transport. Learners are psychologically affected by such actions. Azimio should change the tactics," Mulatia said.

Kenedy Mulatia ,KNUT Member Nandi East
Kenedy Mulatia ,KNUT Member Nandi East. PHOTO/Isaiah Cheruiyot

Mr Mulatia said due to the implementation of the new curriculum in the country, there is need for the government as well as the opposition to consider a peaceful environment for such an important exercise.

"We are covering a lot in the new syllabus which requires time. So when such demos are organised it definitely affects the learning processes. How, for instance, is a teacher in those places able to travel to school safely and discharge his/her duties? Most of the learners will be absent as parents cannot risk taking their children in such situations to schools," Mulatia said.

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