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Ngunjiri Wambugu covertly hints at Ngirici’s return to Jubilee after Waiguru’s move to Ruto’s UDA party

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 16:08 | By
Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu. PHOTO/COURTESY

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has on Tuesday October 26, 2021 added his voice to the ongoing national discourse after Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru officially dumped the ruling Jubilee party for Ruto's newfangled UDA party.

In a statement posted on his social media platforms, the vocal lawmaker subtly hinted at a possibility of Kirinyaga woman representative Purity Ngirici returning to Jubilee.

Wambugu claims that Ngirici has for years done the arduous task to shift the ground, that Waiguru based her change of heart on, from the Jubilee party to Ruto's nascent party.

In his covert statement, Wambugu posits that it would not be an hard task for Ngirici to shift the ground back to Jubilee after her political nemesis joined the hustler nation camp.

"Waiguru says she is in UDA because Kirinyaga people are there. Assuming she is right, Kirinyaga people are there because someone did the heavy lifting and moved them from where Waiguru was, to where she is now followed them to. So, If that person moves them again from where she has gone to find them; to somewhere else; will she still follow them?" he posed.

On her part, Kirinyaga woman representative Purity Ngirici welcomed Waiguru to Ruto's camp. She claimed that the UDA house is big and there is space for every politician.

Waiguru's move will pit her against Ngirici in the UDA party's primaries for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial ticket in 2022. It is however a wait and see if the lawmaker will stay put in the political outfit after her recent remarks that hinted her possible move out of the camp if Waiguru joins them.

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