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Nyaribo: My political enemies burning midnight oil to roast me

Thursday, September 28th, 2023 06:30 | By
Amos Nyaribo addressing the public. PHOTO/Print
Amos Nyaribo addressing the public. PHOTO/PD/Print

Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo has scoffed at the impeachment motion against him, terming the allegations leveled against him as false, malicious and instigated by his political detractors.

Nyaribo said the allegations are intended to antagonize him against the people of Nyamira, derail his development agenda and portray him as a person who is unfit to hold a public office.

Speaking to People Daily on phone, Nyaribo said: “All the allegations they have painted and labeled against me are false. Let it be known that I’m more than prepared to face the House when summoned so that I can defend myself and put the facts and the record straight.”

He added: “Some of the grounds raised over my impeachment are matters being handled or have been handled by other constitutional institutions which are not under my docket and I wonder why the Assembly is dragging my name there.

“I am just waiting for the official communication of the allegations from the Assembly so that I can officially respond to them. For now I have not received any official communication asking me to defend myself.”

Nyaribo (pictured) at the same time asked his competitors in the last election and those who are eyeing the governor’s seat in 2027 to give him time to serve the people.

Different opinions

On Tuesday, Esise Ward MCA Josiah Mangera tabled a notice of motion calling for Nyaribo’s removal from office.

Mangera cited 12 grounds for Nyaribo’s impeachment, among them abuse of office. A section of members of the public yesterday expressed different opinions over the impeachment motion.

One group led by James Okongo of Kebirigo Ward accused the MCAs of blackmailing the Governor.

“I also have evidence that some political leaders particularly those who Nyaribo defeated in the gubernatorial race are using the MCAs to bring his leadership down,” Okongo told this writer.

Another group led by human rights activist Kebaso Nyabwari, however, supported the planned impeachment saying it was long overdue.

“If Nyamira county has to develop, Nyaribo must go. I am also asking the MCAs to take the bribes from Nyaribo but go ahead to impeach him,” he said.

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