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UDA’s Hassan Omar alleges widespread voter bribery in Mombasa governor’s poll

Monday, August 29th, 2022 15:39 | By
UDA party's Mombasa governor candidate Hassan Omar. PHOTO/Hassan Omar Hassan/Facebook
UDA party's Mombasa governor candidate Hassan Omar. PHOTO/Hassan Omar Hassan/Facebook

Mombasa gubernatorial candidate Hassan Omar has decried voter bribery in the ongoing exercise.

Omar, who is seeking the seat on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket, accused his ODM opponent Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir of engaging in electoral malpractice.

Speaking after casting his vote at Kaderbhoy polling centre, Omar claimed that ODM party agents were moving across polling stations across Mombasa county offering bribes to voters.

While accusing the police of turning a blind eye to the electoral fraud, the candidate threatened to storm the polling stations where voter bribery is believed to be taking place and flush out ODM agents.

"There is widespread bribery by the ODM party and we have requested police to manage it in the next one hour or we will take control of the situation police are aware of what is going on however no arrests are being made," he said.

"They are known we have witnessed so many cases, we even know the vehicles they are being ferried with, we shall take action into our hands to protect our votes."

Omar also noted a low voter turnout and attributed it to the postponement of the elections from August 9.

"The voter turnout so far is quite low, so far about 30% to 35% of voters have voted," he added.

Omar confident of winning Mombasa governor's seat

He, however, expressed confidence that he will win the election and urged his supporters to come out and vote.

"I am urging Mombasa residents to come out in big numbers and vote. The number of those who have voted is not looking good. We, however, hope more voters will come out and exercise their rights in the afternoon (sic)," he stated.

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