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Prepare for peaceful transition – clerics tell govt ahead of August election

Friday, May 20th, 2022 18:47 | By
Clerics address journalists in Juja, Kiambu County PHOTO/Courtesy

As the electioneering period in the country enters the homestretch, clerics from various parts of the country want the government to prepare adequately for a peaceful transition.

The bishops, reverends, pastors and evangelists insist that the government must facilitate a seamless transition for the prevalence of peace in a country they said is engulfed by a volatile combination of violent histories and ethnic tensions which threaten to ignite widespread violence.

Speaking after a three-day national pastor’s seminar held in Juja, Kiambu County, the clerics urged politicians to execute their political aspirations in peace and avoid causing violence for the well-being of Kenyans.

They decried that Kenyans are yet to heal from widespread economic disruption and politicians should at all costs silence all drums of war to avoid plunging the nation into a more severe economic crisis.

Led by bishop David Munyiri Thagana who is the secretary-general of the Federation of Evangelical and Indigenous Christian Churches of Kenya (FEICCK), the clergymen further insisted that all politicians must accept results to minimize conflicts post the major August 9 exercise.

“We are urging politicians to adopt peace and preach it. As we go to elections, we must all guard our nation against violence that is known to harshly hurt economies. Kenya is economically bleeding and as it heals, the government must ensure we have a conducive environment for that, especially during this period of campaigns and elections," Thagana said.

The clergy at the same time called on the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and other state agencies to proactively ensure law and order are maintained to ensure smooth elections.

Phyllis Wangechi Githaiga, one of the pastors said they have been praying for peace and oneness of all Kenyans to avoid confrontations as the country heads to elections.

Wangechi said that women and children suffered most during hostile election periods and urged all Kenyans to embrace unity for their well-being.

The clerics at the same time called on the government to make prompt economic interventions to save Kenyans from the raging crisis of increase in prices of basic commodities.

“The government must do something to save Kenyans from the current sufferings. Kenyans are no longer able to purchase food or fuel their vehicles as the current price tags are unbearable,” Joseph Gikonyo, another pastor.

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