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PS lauds ministers grilling by plenary

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 01:45 | By
PS Aurelia Rono
PS Aurelia Rono. PHOTO/Print

Principal Secretary (PS) for State Department for Parliamentary Affairs Aurelia Rono has lauded the radical amendments made to the Standing Orders of Parliament to allow Cabinet Secretaries to appear before the plenary.

She said the amendments have bridged the information gap between citizens and the government. She added that questions by members to CSs were vital in advancing principles of good governance, transparent leadership and the restoration of public trust.

The Standing Orders define the framework for Parliamentary Questions and Statements, encompassing response procedures, timelines, notifications, and consequences for non-appearance.

Speaking at the inauguration of a three-day meeting between Clerks of Committees and Parliamentary Liaison Officers (PLOs) in Mombasa yesterday, Rono stressed the role of Parliament’s oversight function in upholding democracy.

This, she said, includes among other functions providing a means to hold the Executive accountable for its actions and ensures alignment with legislated business and the aspirations of Kenyans.

Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly Jeremiah Ndombi urged committee clerks and parliamentary liaison officers from state departments to cultivate harmonious relationships.

“Clerks of committees and PLOs should emulate John the Baptist, preparing the path for the executive and legislative branches. Our role is to facilitate MPs and members of the executive,” Ndombi said.

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