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‘Kama unajua ulishinda unaogopa nini?’ – Raila answers Ruto on election servers

Saturday, February 25th, 2023 17:14 | By
'Kama unajua ulishinda unaogopa nini?' - Raila answers Ruto on election servers saga
Raila Odinga during Azimio rally in Kakamega on February 25, 2023. PHOTO/Courtesy

Raila Odinga has challenged President William Ruto to open election servers if he is sure he indeed won the August 9, 2022, presidential election.

Speaking during a rally in Kakamega on Saturday, February 25, 2023, Raila claimed that Azimio la Umoja One Kenya alliance won majority votes in 36 counties while Kenya Kwanza only won majority votes in 11 counties.

The Azimio leader alleged that the whole truth is in the election servers.

"Azimio ilishinda kura kwa counties salasini na sita. Kenya kwisha ikashinda kwa counties kumi na moja pekeake. Hio ni ukweli mtupu ambayo iko ndani ya server. Hio ni ukweli vile Wakenya walipiga kura," Raila said.

The Azimio leader further claimed that outgoing Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Wafula Chebukati conspired with Venezuelan contractors to rig the election.

"Sasa yule bwana Chebuchieta yeye ndo alikua amepanga njama na wale majambazi wengine kutoka Venezuela, mwingine anaitwa Jose Camargo, kubadilisha matokeo ya kura. Wanachukua kura yetu wanapatia wale, wanachukua kura yetu wanapatia bwana Ruto," Raila said.

The Azimio leader also responded to Ruto's dismissal of his calls about the opening of election servers.

Raila claimed that Ruto falsely said servers were opened yet Azimio's request to have the servers opened was rejected by Smartmatic - the service provider.

"Sasa unaona Ruto alisema juzi na alirudia tena jana kule Mombasa. Nataka nimjibu yeye. Jana nlitoa statement lakini hawa waandishi wa habari hawakuchapa. Bwana Ruto alisema ati servers ilifunguliwa wakati watu walikua wanapiga kura, wakati wa kuhesabu kura, wakati wa kujumuisha kura yote servers ilikua imefunguliwa hata katika mahakama kuu servers ilikua imefunguliwa. Hio ni uongo mtupu. Uongo mtupu bwana Ruto," Raila said.

He added; "Bwana Ruto you need to know and I am telling you here without fear of contradiction that the servers were not opened. The servers have not been opened. When we went to the Supreme Court our lawyers demanded that we should be given access to the servers so that our experts could interrogate the contents of the server. We got a letter from the company called Smartmatic - the service provider.

"That letter is in public domain I gave a copy to the media yesterday and they have refused to publish it. But that letter said 'we cannot allow access to our server because that will impede on our propriety rights and interfere with election results in other jurisdictions'".

The Azimio leader expressed confidence that if the servers were to be opened they will show that Ruto lost the election by over 2.1 million votes.

Raila further dared Ruto to open the servers if he is confident that he won the August 9, 2022, presidential election.

"So Mr Ruto please know that servers have not been opened and we challenge you to let the servers be opened and audited by reputable international company and I can assure you it will show that you lost election by over 2.1 million votes. Kame wewe unajua umeshinda unaogopa nini? Kama ulishinda unaogopa nini? Kama nasema uongo fungua server. Open the server," Raila said.

Servers were opened

Speaking on Thursday, February 23, 2023, when he oversaw the commissioning of the Border Police Hospital in Kitui, Ruto insisted that the servers were opened.

"The servers were open when we all went to the polling station and when we all were identified biometrically and each and every one of us was given a vote to cast," Ruto said.

"It is also true that when the counting was done and the results posted in the portal, the servers were open. When the IEBC was tallying results at Bomas, when the matter went for validation in court and when the court made a determination of the last general elections, the servers were open," he added.

Ruto repeated his sentiments on Friday in Mombasa when he presided over Taifa Gas Plant groundbreaking ceremony.

Speaking at the same event in Mombasa, Ruto maintained that the government will not backtrack on its decision to scrap subsidies on essential commodities even as Azimio threatens mass action to protest against the high cost of living in the country.

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