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Raila’s government wi*l alienate hustlers, decisions wi*l be made by only rich men – Muthama claims

Saturday, October 16th, 2021 09:10 | By
United Democratic Alliance (UDA) chairman, Johnstone Muthama (center) and former Kakamega senator Bonny Khalwale PHOTO/COURTESY

Former Machakos governor Johnstone Muthama now claims that should former Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga ascend to power in 2022, major decisions in his administration will be made by rich men as his government will alienate the down trodden.

Muthama, who attacked the former premier in a flurry of early morning tweets, stated that Raila is currently surrounded by tycoons who intend to render him inaccessible to the lowly placed persons should he rise to the helm of the country's leadership.

"It is now obvious decision making on 2022 Presidency by Raila Odinga allies has taken a higher notch by building a Silo around it with no intention of involving the hustlers.

"Holding such FORA in high end hotels to choose a President for us where Hustlers cannot access, borders to absurdity. Therefore, the evil intentions of these few Oligarchs and tenderpreneurs will be defeated at the BALLOT in 2022 by the same hustlers being alienated," he said.

The chairman of the new fangled UDA party was speaking in reference to the string of engagements between the Mount Kenya Foundation and prospective presidential candidates.

The group, that constitutes billionaires drawn from the Central Kenya region, met ODM supremo Raila Odinga and One Kenya Alliance principals in separate meetings.

The tycoons stated that they will settle on one candidate between Raila and an individual in the OKA brigade, then present the name to President Uhuru Kenyatta for an official endorsement.

These activities have however not augured well with DP Ruto, whom the group gave a wide berth, and his allies.

Ruto and his crew have maintained that the buck stops with the electorate and not a select group of businessmen.

The Tangatanga camp has umpteenth times rubbished claims that the Mount Kenya Foundation has the ability to dilute his growing support in the Central Kenya region.

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