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Ronald Osumba: Former presidential running mate opens up on struggles after his failed political ambitions

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 12:19 | By

Former Deputy President contestant Ronald Osumba has opened up on how he led a successful career and family until he decided to try his luck in politics.

In a tweet, Osumba who was Peter Kenneth’s running mate in the 2013 general elections said he quit a high paying job to join politics but things went south immediately they lost.

According to him, he lost his family and all the achievements he had made while aged 33.

The former National Youth Fund boss said that he has however regained despite losing almost everything.

“At 30 married with one child, senior manager at Safaricom, owned a home, two parcels of land and two cars,” part of his statement posted on his Twitter account read.

He further said that at 33, he had more land, two children and three cars and he had also been picked to be Kenneth’s running mate.

However, currently, at the age of 40, he has lost everything which he could brag about seven years ago.

Osumba said that the move to join politics was some sort of a blunder.

This, he said while appearing on Engage which is a platform that provides for ordinary people to share their life experiences with the aim of inspiring the masses.

“We lost. I had gotten involved in politics and we had failed. My prospects were also not great,” he said.

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