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‘Constitution doesn’t embrace dialogue’ – Ruiru MP asks Ruto to stay put

Saturday, March 25th, 2023 18:05 | By
Ruiru MP Simon King'ara speaks to journalists at Kahawa Wendani Primary School in his constituency. PHOTO/Oliver Musembi

Ruiru Member of Parliament (MP) Simon King’ara says there is no room for dialogue in the Kenyan constitution and therefore president William Ruto should not give in to pressure to have a dialogue with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

“Unless and until we change the constitution, there is no room for dialogue over elections which were concluded and the voters made their choice. Otherwise, there would be no need of holding elections if the loser will reject the results,” the legislator said.

There have been calls from a cross-section of Kenyans including religious leaders for President Ruto to embrace talks with Raila to avoid a political crisis occasioned by the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya leadership’s call for mass action.

However, King'ara while inspecting the construction of Junior Secondary School classrooms at Kahawa Wendani ward in his constituency, termed the calls for dialogue as ridiculous and asked the president to remain firm in his resolve not to engage the opposition.

While condemning the demonstrations slated for Monday and Thursday every week, the MP said whoever feels aggrieved should follow the legal process rather than 'resort to hooliganism.'

“The president has demonstrated that he respects the rule of law and opposition leaders should equally have the decorum to go to court if they have issues rather than incite members of the public,” King'ara stated.

The lawmaker accused the Azimio leadership of "misleading and misusing other Kenyans to participate in acts of lawlessness for their own selfish political gain.”

“Those calling for mass action should be accompanied by their children in those demonstrations if they want us to take them seriously,” King’ara fumed.

At the same time, King'ara reiterated that the country's resources should be shared on a population basis if fairness is to be achieved.

He pointed out that Ruiru with a population of over 115,000 learners in primary and secondary schools should not get equal amounts of bursary allocations or NG-CDF funding with other constituencies with far fewer populations.

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