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Ruto hits back at Uhuru over Sagana remarks

Thursday, February 24th, 2022 16:26 | By
Deputy President William Ruto addressing a political rally in Kitui on Thursday. PHOTO/COURTESY

Deputy President William Ruto now says he respects President Uhuru Kenyatta's decision to choose Raila Odinga as his preferred candidate for August 9 presidential election.

Speaking in Kitui on Thursday, Ruto said it was Uhuru's democratic right to endorse Raila to succeed him.

"I voted for Uhuru. I campaigned for him and Odinga has never voted or campaigned for President Kenyatta, but I am okay with his decision to support that one person that has never voted for him.

"However, Odinga should remember that I am not competing with Uhuru. Let him come out and face me and stop hiding behind the President," he said.

Ruto's remarks come a day after President Uhuru asked Central Kenya residents to back Raila in the upcoming general election.

The President said he will leave his government in the hands of the ODM leader.

The Head of State said Odinga was his best successor owing to his experience and commitment to continue with his development agenda.

"Let us support this man ( referring to Raila). When my deputy gets back on track, we can allow him to lead after this man," the President said.

In a scathing statement that was seemingly directed to his Deputy William Ruto, President Kenyatta accused him of failing to support his government agenda.

Instead, President Kenyatta said, his deputy has been crisscrossing the country lying to Kenyans about failures of the government he is serving.

The Head of State said he entered a unity pact with Odinga for peace and tranquility of the country and that Odinga has committed to continuing with his agenda.

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