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Ruto is a dictator in the making, who can change his term limit to rule for more than 30 years – Murathe

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 13:06 | By
A collage of Jubilee Party vice-chairman David Murathe and Deputy President William Ruto. PHOTOS/File

Jubilee party vice-chairman David Murathe believes Deputy President William Ruto is a dictator in the making.

According to him, the closer the country gets to the August 9 polls, the bigger the threat Ruto poses to the democracy of this country.

Speaking in an interview with Kameme TV, he claims that should the second in command become the next President of Kenya, he is likely to be 10 times worse than former President Arap Moi who he says was a dictator. He cites Ruto's authoritarian ambitions, power-hungry ideologues, youthful age and wealth.

He further claims that he is worried about what he calls Ruto's evident admiration for dictators in other countries like Uganda’s Museveni.

"He can actually be the President of this nation. If he does, we will congratulate him. However, in case he clinches the top seat, he will be 10 times worse than Moi since he has more energy, more money, and he is more youthful.

"He is also likely to change the term limit and could even rule for more than 30 years," he claimed.

With the general election roughly four months away, Murathe says that should be enough reason to worry Kenyans and ensure Ruto's political fortunes sink.

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