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Ruto to Kalonzo: Baki opposition, kazi ni kazi

Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 14:22 | By
Ruto to Kalonzo: Baki opposition, kazi ni kazi
President William Ruto with DP Rigathi Gacahgua during a church service at AIC Kitui Township. PHOTO/Facebook

President William Ruto says Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka is currently best fitted in the opposition, not in government.

While speaking to believers at AIC Kitui Township, Ruto jested that he needs more time to study Kalonzo who has continuously been framed as undecided.

The Head of State stated that after his victory, he invited Kalonzo for a dialogue on how he can join his government but he declined saying he wants to remain in the opposition.

"Mmmeniambia kuhusu maneno ya ndugu yangu Stephen, akiwa tayari kufanya kazi na mimi, mimi niko tayari. Lakini nataka nimjue kwanza. Nimemtafuta akaniambia anataka upinzani. Wacha ajaribu alafu tutaona mahali itafika. Ata ile ya upinzani ni kazi pia., si tulisema kazi ni kazi," Ruto said while giggling.

Loosely translated as;

“(I have listened to your requests about Kalonzo but give me time to study the guy. I had a discussion with him but he says he would like to remain in the opposition. He can stay in the opposition for now but when he is ready to work with me, we can work together.)"

This comes a day after Kalonzo announced that the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition will unveil a shadow cabinet that will oversight the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Speaking on Saturday, October 22, 2022, the former vice president noted that the coalition will announce the members of the cabinet once the coalition's leader Raila Odinga returns.

While maintaining that the cabinet will play a significant role in ensuring that the current administration is held accountable for its actions, Kalonzo pointed out that the coalition will also unveil a budget for its cabinet.

"Baba akirudi, we are going to announce our shadow cabinet because we want to hold them to account, complete with our own budget, which will be presented," Kalonzo stated.

"We have only this country to call home. We have nowhere to go, lazima tuvumiliane," he added.

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