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Ruto’s key backer turns against him over pledges

Friday, February 9th, 2024 05:40 | By
Bishop Samuel Ngacha Njiriri of the Stewards Revival Pentecostal Church. PHOTO/Print

One of the clerics who was key in President William Ruto’s election campaigns has now turned against him and is now accusing him of reneging on almost all the promises he made to Kenyans.

Bishop Samuel Ngacha Njiriri of the Stewards Revival Pentecostal Church, who was one of the leaders of the evangelical churches that were key to President Ruto’s successful run for State House, now says the President has let them down by failing to honour his pledges.

“As church leaders, we have been made to look bad before our flock whom we convinced to vote for him because everything he seems to be doing is completely contrary to what he promised,” Njiriri now says.

He is now warning the Head of State that he needs to come out and tell Kenyans the truth that he gave unrealistic promises. “It is now the moment to face the truth. Just come out and tell Kenyans the promises we made are unrealistic now let us prioritise... But if we try to push to achieve what you promised and we all know that we have nothing to deliver the promises, then we are going to break everybody’s back, you will even break your back,” said Njiriri.

The bishop counselled President Ruto to listen to the cries of Kenyans and reconsider the taxation regime he has put in place, which he says has made life more difficult.

The cleric said although the government must use all available avenues to generate revenue to sustain her operations, it is illogical for the same government to overtax Kenyans.

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