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Sabina Chege reveals plans to revive Jubilee Party

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023 15:30 | By
Sabina Chege. PHOTO/Facebook/HonSabinaChege

Sabina Chege, who is the chairperson Jubilee party, has hinted at a plan by the political outfit to split from the Azimio coalition.

Speaking during a talk show on a local TV station, Chege said the party is striving to be an independent political outfit as it seeks to rebuild itself and gain its roots.

She, however, noted that the party will not be shifting to the Kenya Kwanza coalition as it's being purported due to the close affiliation with the government by some leaders.

"We have a plan to revive the party and make it strong like it was a few years back," she remarked.

Chege said there are some principles set by the Azimio coalition that the Jubilee party does not seem to agree with and thus the need to cut ties.

She also said there has not been a single meeting by the collation principals to chat the way forward after the general election held in August last year.

"We have not had any formal agreement among the parties in the Azimio coalition and thus there is nothing binding us," Chege said.

Chege further claimed that her team has the capacity to handle the party issues and ensure its stability, adding that the move to take over the leadership of the party was to ensure it doesn't crumble like other parties.

"We would not sit back and watch our party sink, we had to act fast," she said.

She also claimed that efforts to reach out to former president Uhuru Kenyatta, who was the party leader, for a sitting to discuss the welfare of the party have been futile.

At the same time, Chege urged Azimio leader Raila Odinga to call off the demonstrations and look for other channels to raise his issues.

She said the demos being held are not for public interest but some few people are trying to push their agenda through them.

"Let no one lie to you that these protests are meant to fight for the interest of the public instead it's a personal agenda," she remarked.

"Few individuals surrounding Odinga are pushing him to call for demonstrations because they have their own goals that they want to achieve," she added.

She urged President William Ruto not to bow to the pressure from the opposition and stay firm because he was legally elected to the office.

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