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Sagana Three: Leaders expect President Uhuru to explain his fallout with DP Ruto

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 20:10 | By
President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto. PHOTO/Courtesy

As the clock ticks towards President Uhuru Kenyatta's visit to Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri tomorrow, leaders from the region have reacted differently with those for the meeting terming the event as a defining moment, while those against saying it has no political consequence.

Some are hoping that the Head of State will reveal, for once, what might have happened between him and his deputy that has seen them go separate ways ahead of August polls.

Julia Wanjiku, a nominated MCA in the Nyeri County Assembly, has said that they are expecting the President to tell people from the region who to support in the upcoming election. She says they also expect the president to tell them why he fell out with his Deputy William Ruto.

"We will be waiting for the president as our party leader to give us the political direction to follow as Mt Kenya voters and we’re also hoping to hear what really caused the fallout between him and his deputy," she told People Daily Digital.

Her sentiment was cleverly echoed by Nyeri town Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu who also said that the visit will be a big moment for Jubilee party.

“He’s been giving suggestions and hints. Is he going to explain it in detail tomorrow? I do not know,” Ngunjiri said when asked whether the president is going to reveal what’s behind the fallout.

He also lashed out at leaders who think that the president should not play any role in his succession politics.

"There has been a lot of complaints that the president should not influence his succession. We have heard even some religious leaders trying to suggest that the president should be nonpartisan but I think it’s irresponsible for us or even for the president not to care about who takes over from him having worked for 10 years," Ngunjiri said.

Sammy Njayakio who is contesting for Tetu Parliamentary seat on Jubilee ticket noted that the president is at liberty to reveal the reason behind the fallout and ensure that he hands over the country to safe hands.

"The President can tell us what happened ( between him and his deputy) if he finds it fit because we need to move on. People get married and get divorced along the way but life must continue," Njayakio noted.

On the other hand, Nyeri County Assembly Speaker John Kaguchia has said that the president's visit will not affect how the people from the region will vote in August.

"Even if we do respect the president, we cannot take political orders from him because people from this region are already decided. So, the Sagana Three meeting will not have any political impact. He (the president) should instead explain to us how he will help reduce high food prices in the country, " Kaguchia noted.

President Uhuru is also expected to give a status update on the development projects in Mt. Kenya region.

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