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‘Why are you angry at how I spend my money?’ – Sakaja defends flying to Kisumu on a chopper

Monday, January 23rd, 2023 09:47 | By
'Why are you angry at how I spend my money?' - Sakaja defends flying to Kisumu on a chopper
Sakaja touches down in Kisumu. PHOTO/Courtesy

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja came under criticism after he landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium in Kisumu aboard a chopper.

Sakaja was in Kisumu to attend Kenya Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association (KICOSCA) Games where Nairobi county emerged as the overall best team in Kenya.

"Congratulations Team Nairobi for emerging ovverall best team at Kenya Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association (KICOSCA) Games held in Kisumu County. I’m extremely proud of you all! Siku Zote 👊 👊. Thank you H.E @AnyangNyongo for being such a gracious host," Sakaja tweeted.

A section of Kenyans on social media slammed Sakaja for flying to Kisumu on a chopper, with some claiming he was using public money to fund his trip.

Political analyst Herman Manyora was among those who criticised Sakaja.

"How will he show us that he’s a big man? And show the world how stupid we are," Manyora tweeted while reacting to another tweep castigating Sakaja.

Sakaja hit back at Manyora in a quick rejoinder, insisting that he paid for his trip with his own money.

"Why are you angry at how I spend my money? Did someone hurt you? My personal travel is paid for privately not by public funds," Sakaja tweeted.

"I’m sorry boss. It’s just that I have a little problem drawing a line between public money and personal money; I know how much these things cost," Manyora responded to Sakaja.

Sakaja explained that he has no appetite for wasting public resources, revealing that he even declined an offer to purchase a new official vehicle and the governor's residence.

"In other words you doubt my ability to afford it 😂 anyway Prof, please don’t always assume the worst first. I wouldn’t unnecessarily use public funds for such travel. I even declined to purchase new official vehicles for myself and 500m for a Governor’s residence," Sakaja tweeted.

"Maximum respect boss. My considered opinion has always been that you cannot be a billionaire in Kenya unless you have stolen from the public. But obviously, there are exceptions; you could be one. Mind allowing me to carry out an investigation? @NairobiReviewKE," Manyora reacted to Sakaja's explanation.

"You don’t need my permission. Go ahead," Sakaja replied.

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