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Senator Charles Kibiru installed as Kiama Kia Ma’s patron in Kirinyaga county

Saturday, February 12th, 2022 20:54 | By
Kirinyaga senator Charles Kibiru PHOTO/COURTESY

Kirinyaga county Senator Charles Kibiru has been installed as Kiama Kia Ma's patron in the county during a Kikuyu traditional ceremony held at Kang'aru area in Mutithi ward, Mwea constituency.

Addressing the press after the installation, the senator, who has declared interest in the gubernatorial race in Kirinyaga during the August 9 elections, said that his purpose as the patron is to ensure there is unity amongst county leaders.

He also said that his aim is also to ensure that Kikuyu culture does not become extinct due to the lack of people enlightening the young generation.

"The purpose of today's ceremony was to the Kikuyu Mase of leadership to the patron and that's me. I have been trusted in ensuring that there is unity amongst leaders both in and out of politics," he told the press.

The move to install Kibiru as the Kiama Kia Ma patron appears like a strategy to clinch the Kirinyaga county gubernatorial seat.

In his quest to become the county boss, Kibiru who in 2017 was elected as the county Senator on an independent ticket, is now ready to square off with other aspirants in the August polls.

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