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Six Vihiga county members decamp from ANC to UDP

Thursday, April 7th, 2022 05:00 | By
Former Vihiga Senator George Khaniri at a past event. Photo/PD/FILE

Amani National Congress (ANC) of Musalia Mudavadi has suffered a political blow after six members of the Vihiga County assembly decamped to the United Democratic Party (UDP) of Cyrus Jirongo.

The six are: Victor Ijaika (Lugaga wa Muluma), Elisha Amara (South Maragoli), Evans Chunguli (Central Maragoli), Gladys Analo (Busali Ward), Wycliffe Masini (Mungoma Ward), and Violet Bagada (nominated).

They cited rampant frustration in ANC, especially by top officials close to party leader Mudavadi.

Yesterday, the MCAs were welcomed to UDP by Vihiga Senator George Khaniri (right), who assured them of party tickets and support.

The MCAs said they had been suffering at the hands of ANC officials who are backing their opponents.

They pointed at an incident where top ANC officials invited their rivals to the party’s National Delegates Convention in Nairobi, leaving them behind.

Facing frustrations

“We have decided to decamp to UDP where we will have peace. We have been facing frustration from top ANC officials, who are sponsoring our opponents in our respective wards,” they said.

Analo was elected on an ANC ticket but moved to UDP. The MCAs said they were ready to battle it out with aspirants fronted by ANC. “We shall beat them hands down and shame their sponsors,” they declared.

Onslaught by  PPK

Ijaika said they stood with Mudavadi in 2017 despite an onslaught by  PPK of Moses Akaranga, which won many seats in Sabatia constituency. Only two seats were clinched by ANC in the constituency — Busali and West Sabatia.

He said party officials tampered with nominations in 2017, hence the many seats the party lost to its rivals.

“Some people in ANC messed up the party primaries by favouring weak candidates. That cost the party many seats in Vihiga county. They want to repeat the same mistakes,” said Ijaika.

Khaniri — who also decamped from ANC to UDP — urged other aspirants in Emuhaya, Luanda and Hamisi to join UDP.  He said UDP is the home party of the region and is ready to accommodate everyone.

Bargaining power

Khaniri is contesting the Vihiga gubernatorial seat on a UDP ticket.

“My people, let us join the UDP party which is our shield so that we can grow it to high levels. UDP will win many seats in Vihiga county, and that will give our son, Jirongo, high bargaining power in an Azimio government,” said Khaniri.

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