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Sometimes I do not understand Raila, admits ‘loyal’ Kajiado governor Lenku

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 05:40 | By
Sometimes I do not understand Raila, admits ‘loyal’ Kajiado governor Lenku
Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku says he is still in ODM despite skipping Raila’s rally for Ruto’s meeting. PD/FILE

Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku has maintained that he is still in ODM, dismissing claims that he had defected to the governing United Democratic Alliance of President  William Ruto.

Speaking at Kameme FM’s ‘Arahuka’ morning show yesterday, Lenku said attending President William Ruto’s prayer rally at Ole Ntimama stadium, Narok, at the expense of opposition leader Raila Odinga Jacaranda's meeting did not mean he has defected. 

Instead, Lenku maintained that as the Maa spokesperson, he had to host the President and articulate the challenges facing the community. 

Lenku insisted it is time for leaders to put their political differences aside and focus on supporting the government.

“I have not defected from ODM. I am a member of ODM. That was the Maa nation meeting. I respect my party leader Raila but I have a duty of delivering to my people. If there are party meetings convened, I will attend. I will also attend national interest meetings, “he said. 

Asked if he supports Raila's calls for mass action, Lenku said the rule of law must be followed.  “Sometimes I do not understand my boss (Raila. Maybe, in the long run, mass action can solve issues. But until then the focus should be on addressing the challenges mutually. There is a procedure for addressing any arising dispute through the court because we are not a lawless country. We already have a serious crisis because of drought and harsh economic times. Every leader should follow the law,” he said. 

The Maa leader said he recognises the Ruto leadership, adding that it was too early to gauge the performance of the Kenya Kwanza government.

“We have a government. We know who the President is. Ruto is a committed leader and we are seeing he has good intentions for the country. It is too early to rate his performance. We should focus on supporting endeavours that build our nation,” he said.

Lenku said he would continue working with all political leaders who have intentions of improving the livelihoods of residents and Kenyans.

“Our country is in bad shape and it is urgent for every leader to put their differences aside and focus on saving our country. All our political leaders — including the President and my party leader — should make the interests of Kenyans a priority,” he said.

Lenku further lamented that the prolonged drought has seen 50 per cent of cattle in Kajiado succumb to hunger, leaving over half of the locals with no source of livelihood.

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