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‘Tingiza miti’ – New party starts campaign in West Pokot county

Sunday, September 19th, 2021 18:13 | By
Roots Party of Kenya presidential aspirant Prof. George Wajackoya. PHOTO/COURTESY

In his quest to popularize his party Roots Party of Kenya, Prof. George Wajackoya has been touring West Pokot County wooing locals to register with the party whose slogan is 'Tingiza miti'

The presidential aspirant in his campaigns in Chepkobegh, slammed at the bottom-up economy saying that the model steals money from the taxpayers.

He said he targets to empower the marginalized community who have high poverty levels by conducting funds drives that will help women groups to start commercial businesses.

"As I preside over poultry farmers funds drive, I would like to pledge my will to continue with the support until they are able to export chicken," he said.

RPK Kakamega chairman Ismael Binda said the increase in fuel prices has affected many residents at community levels and claims when RPK takes over the presidency in 2022, the issue will be addressed.

"If we vote for Prof Wajackoya he will be mindful of local people and enable all people to depend on themselves," he said.

The RPK party west Pokot county secretary general Walter Kimobwo said the top current leaders have forgotten people at the grassroots level but Prof Wajackoya will mind the poor.

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