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Top politician in distress over Kang’ata’s letter

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 11:20 | By
Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata. PHOTO/Courtesy

Politician in distress over Kang’ata’s letter

Finally, a senior politician in the country was left in a trance after a letter by Majority Whip in the Senate Irungu Kanga’ta raised dust.

The politician, known for generosity from his deep pockets, told Street Talk he is worried that his march to an elective position faces hurdles.

The politician, alongside others from central Kenya, called a press conference that was hurriedly cancelled at the same pace after orders from above.

They left the hotel without paying for both the drinks and venue.

CS, blogger meet ups get tongues wagging

Just what does a famous and controversial blogger do with a female CS he is always seen side-by-side with?

Well, rumours have been swirling in the power space about the frequent meetings the two have at a Kiambu Road rendezvous.

Over the weekend, there were several sightings of the duo who have unfettered access to some power offices in the country.

A waiter at an eatery within the same location tells us that the coziness is turning into something else for the two that has sent tongues wagging all over.

Liqour boards dogged with management woes

The county liquor boards have been riddled with stories of corruption and patronage to some owners in the estates.

In a new twist on their operations, the teams appointed after the 2017 election have gone through trying times with accusations of poor management, pegged on loyalty to sitting governors.

Well, several members of the boards are said to be facing cases which include award of fake licenses to undeserving liquor traders.

Foreign betting duo’s marriages under probe

On the betting scene, a company trying to get licence to operate had a bad start to the year when another set of foreign associates connected with it were accosted in a late night drama.

The duo, married to Kenyans, has been living easy in the country on the strength of their marriage.

However, this has been questioned by Immigration officials who argue that their presence in the country is undesired and they should be thrown out altogether.

It is said one of the foreigners’ wife alerted the authorities about the scheme

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