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UDA wants CJ Koome to keep off election preparedness process

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 19:40 | By
Lady Justice Martha Koome. Photo/Courtesy

The United Democratic Alliance Party has on Wednesday November 24, 2021 written to the Chief Justice Martha Koome asking her to steer clear of the workings of the Technical Working Committee, that is tasked with overseeing election preparedness in regard to the upcoming 2022 general elections.

In a letter undersigned against the name of its Secretary General, Veronica Maina, the Ruto affiliated party claims that the CJ's continued involvement in the Technical Working Committee is likely to interfere with and shall threaten free and fair polls in 2022.

"We opine that your involvement in the consultative meetings of the Technical Working Committee is a clear violation of the Constitution, the Judicial Service Act, 2011, the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012, the Public Officer Ethics Act, 2003, the Bangalore Principles and the Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers," the letter read in part.

UDA further highlighted parts of the Constitution that supported their argument about the CJ's involvement in election preparedness.

The nascent party told the CJ, that wearing the hat of those required to ensure that all is set for elections and later wearing the hat of a judge, tasked with deliberating and determining, election disputes, cannot constitutionally be tenable.

They further beseeched Martha Koome to "stop, abandon, desist, refrain and cease" from participating in the activities of the Technical Working Committee.

"It is worth not that every person has an obligation to respect, uphold and defend the Constitution," the letter read further.

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