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Wahome accuses 3 MPs for planning to disrupt her meeting

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 16:58 | By
Kandara Member of Parliament (MP) Alice Wahome

Kandara Member of Parliament (MP) Alice Wahome has launched scathing attacks on nominated MP Maina Kamanda, Murang'a Woman Representative Sabina Chege and former MP Joshua Toro who she accused of planning to have her attacked.

Wahome said the three and a number of local members of county assembly held a meeting over the weekend to discuss how they are going to disrupt her meeting. 

The MP said she has the details on the venue of the meeting, what was discussed and who was in attendance. 

Through her social platform, Wahome alluded that she was aware of the plan and true to her words, on arrival to her office in Kandara she found a group of young men believed to have been ferried from Nairobi for the mission. 

The said men had mingled with the locals but police using their intelligence were able to smoke out about 20 of them and they were taken to the police station. 

She said she had convened  a meeting with the locals where she was to issue bursary cheques for the needy students from her area but the three leaders wanted to make sure it doesn't happen. 

"I have the photos and text messages which those involved in this matter were exchanging so I know everything that transpired," she said. 

Wahome said she is being targeted due to her political stand adding that she is not ready to bow to pressure or intimidation from anybody. 

She said the trio has been putting up a fight against her to make it appear like she is not an appropriate leader to her people. 

"I am daring them to bring the fight on. I'm ready to fight back and they won't put me down," she remarked. 

She claimed the three have been acting under the command of a senior government officer. 

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