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Wanjigi accuses Ruto of excessive borrowing

Monday, March 4th, 2024 00:42 | By
Wanjigi accuses Ruto of excessive borrowing
Safina Party Leader Jimi Wanjigi. PHOTO/Print

Safina Party leader Jimmi Wanjigi has claimed President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration borrowed Sh223 billion between September and January.

This even as he stated that he is was best suited to assume the role of opposition leader and the voice of the people should Raila clinch the African Union chairmanship position slated for 2025.

Wanjigi (pictured) yesterday castigated President Ruto’s regime of borrowing excessively with no projects to show for it, alleging that the said monies being borrowed could be ending up in people’s pockets.

Submitted report

According to Wanjigi, the National Treasury submitted a report to Parliament indicating that the government had borrowed Sh223 billion, adding that in just February alone Kenya has added Sh545 billion to that borrowing making a total of Sh768 billion borrowed in the last six months.

This he claimed is more than retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s highest borrowing spree in his first year of Presidency. “We are planning poverty for our generation if this wanton theft of public resources is not stopped. In the current budget, Parliament only approved borrowing of Sh341 billion to bridge the deficit but they have gone ahead to borrow Sh223 billion between September and February alone. This is purely illegal,” said Wanjigi.

He went on: “Where is it allowed to borrow more in order to pay back an existing loan or where in the budget can we take an infrastructure bond to fund infrastructure? This is a debt driven economy and we are becoming slaves to it.”

Wanjigi who has been vocal against the ballooning public debt, charged that people are still buying United States currency-the dollar and have no confidence in the Kenyan Shilling.

Wanjigi a one-time political darling of President Ruto during President Uhuru’s tenure castigated the Head of State, adding that Kenyans should not expect Kenya Kwanza’s administration to emancipate them from the current challenges facing them. “We have one problem in Kenya, it is William Ruto, he is status quo. He is a continuity of the same problems he help created that has brought us here. The same people who created the problems cannot get us out of it. He offers no hope nor real change. Fellow Kenyans, I understand and share in your pain,” charged Wanjigi.

“Kenyans are struggling to afford something as basic as a meal and school fees. The so call bottom up economic model has become bottom down. In this day and time, how do we as a country lose 53 lives to banditry?” asked Wanjigi.

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