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Uproar as Wiper replaces Deputy Majority Leader in Kitui County Assembly

Thursday, December 1st, 2022 18:19 | By
The Newly appointed Deputy Majority leader Kitui Assembly Jacqueline Kalenga. PHOTO/ Courtesy

Wiper democratic movement's decision to change its Kitui assembly leadership after two months has been received with mixed reactions from a section of leaders and residents.

Wiper had nominated Member of County Assembly (MCA) Erastus Mbuno as the deputy Majority leader at the Kitui County assembly but removed and replaced him with Jacqueline Kalenga.

This decision by the Wiper party did not sit well with the Kitui East Member of Parliament (MP) Nimrod Mbai where the two assembly leaders come from.

According to the legislator, removing Mbuno and replacing him with Kalenga may lead to sibling rivalry since both of them come from the same constituency, he however congratulated the new deputy majority leader and asked her to lead well.

"Nominating Hon Mbuno for deputy majority leader was a good gesture, he is young and sharp, and he has a future in politics but removing him within two months and replacing him with his sister the Hon Jaqckline Kalenga is playing a brother against a sister and playing my young siblings against each other" Mbai wrote on his Facebook account.

While questioning the party's decision, Mbai further stated that it was a wrong move for the party to change the leaders despite the position remaining in Kitui East.

"In Kitui East leadership, we are all brothers and sisters and this move by Wiper is not in good taste. It's okay that the position has remained in Kitui East but what wrong did the young vibrant son of Endau/Malalani commit? "Mbai posed.

So far, the Wiper party has not issued any statement on what led them to change its leadership within that short period.

However, sources who sought anonymity stated that there have been fights in the Kitui assembly.

Mbuno who was elected on a Wiper ticket is accused of fueling conflict between the Kitui county assembly speaker Kelvin Kinengo and the Kitui county governor Julius Malombe.

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