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You’re free to choose political affiliation, Uhuru tells leaders

Monday, December 30th, 2019 17:41 | By

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday said his government has no intentions of curtailing the freedom of political affiliation among the leaders in the country.

Uhuru said the second liberation, which gave way for multi party democracy, is well guarded and thus the leaders are free to engage in whichever party they want.

The President, while responding to remarks by Kandara MP Alice Wahome who claimed that the days when the leaders were intimidated and threatened are creeping back, said the allegations are untrue.

Wahome alleged some of the leaders are being unfairly targeted due to their political choices bringing into the picture the tanga tanga and kieleweke factions of Jubilee Party that have caused a stir in current politics.

The two factions are allied to deputy president William Ruto and Kenyatta respectively and their have caused fierce divisions among the leaders.

Those allied to Ruto have been claiming of intimidation and constant threats from the government agenies.

Speaking during the funeral service for second liberation fighter Dr. Charles Rubia at Kariguini primary in Kenol Kandara, Uhuru said every leader is free to choose their political affiliation and say whatever they want to say.

The President however said the leader have been abusing their freedom by propagating hatred, ethnicity and tribalism as they seek to sell their agenda.

"The government has wholesomely safeguarded this freedom and we  have not hindered anyone from expressing themselves but the leaders are abusing it," he said.

He said the leaders should use their positions to articulate the issues affecting the people and look for solutions to the problems 

"Let us see you fight for justice of the people and advocate for their rights to make their lives better," he remarked.

He said leaders need to exercise selflessness and patriotism to be able to move the country to greater heights.

"If only we can get 10 per cent of leaders with these traits, this country would be better," he added.

The President said issues of graft, tribalism and ethnicity have taken a toll in Kenya and they need to be addressed.

"We have leasers who have been saying they want the government to do this and that but let them address these issues as well," said Uhuru.

"This time we, may not be fighting for independence but the vices which are threatening to bring our country to its knees," he said.

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