Better latte than never

By , People Daily Digital
Saturday, October 16th, 2021 00:00 | 2 mins read
A chicken melt beautifully plated with beetroot paste.

I like the ambience at Lava Latte, a bistro-like restaurant located at House 209 off State House Road. The look and feel seem to change depending on where you are seated.

If you sit in the open air in the sun while facing the jacaranda trees, which are in bloom now, you feel like you are out in the country having a nice meal outside the country house.

If you sit outside but in the shade with the potted plants swinging above you, you could be in a European café eating French baguettes with skinny lattes.

If you move to the button seats located past the kitchen, you are transported to a retro chill spot.

If you then decide to stay at the bar bearing walls lined with various novels, tiny palm-sized paints, with one wall having a vibrant graffiti painting of a woman dancing with hair playing in the wind, you feel like you are in an urban café where you could talk about the politics of graffiti and the insanity of the art scene with just about anyone who walks in.

It is a place I can easily pick where I want to sit depending on my mood. That they have happy hour from Monday to Sunday between 4pm and 7pm is another reason I’m a fan.

With most of the places in Nairobi not having happy hour on the weekend, it is an easy choice for great cocktails then and every day.

They make a great cup of hot chocolate. The chocolate is rich, that every sip feels like a warm soul hug.

Their chapatti wraps keep improving over time. The first time I tried them in 2019, they were tasty, but the chapatti would become crispy and hard if it got cold.

Over time, the chapatti has gotten thinner and softer. They also have pasta and meat dishes that I am yet to try.

I am still taking lots of salads and chapatti melts, but will increasingly try more of their menu options.

If you are looking for an artsy place with affordable food, Wi-Fi, and a great vibe, you can consider this spot.