Books, wings, and guitars: A tour of Geco Café

By , People Daily Digital
Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 00:00 | 2 mins read
African meals and Italian delicacies are equally great.

The idea of having an eatery near a car wash is not new. It is all about convenience and giving the owner of the car value for their money.

Do you know how humans love to kill two birds with one stone that we even invented a proverb to go with it?

The eatery at a car wash is exactly that, a physical testament to humans’ love for multitasking.

From Coffee and Bagel off Lenana Road to The Circle on Ndemi Road, one is spoilt for choice on where to eat as they get their car washed.

One eat out and car wash spot that heralded this movement has to be Geco Café.

Located off Mbaazi Avenue, Geco Café is known for its pizza and its rustic aesthetic.

Guitars are hung on the inside walls as green mango trees dot the outside sitting space.

The guitars make sense once the wait staff tell you that there are live band sessions and acoustic music sessions on select Thursdays and Sundays.

One can sit outside where there is more light and air or in the inner sanctum where there are numerous books to peruse or get immersed in.

Geco café is famed for its great meals and affordable prices. Their wings come highly recommended.

I had them one of the three times I have been here and they lived up to their folklore status.

The other times I have had pizza, an English breakfast that is served all day, and a burger.

For the pizza lover.

On all occasions, I have had cocktails. Numerous ones. I can definitely vouch for their potency and great taste.

For someone who wants to get high without tasting alcohol and without having to take 10 cocktails while searching for the elusive high, these cocktails quite hit the spot.

Geco seems like an amalgamation of the best of the worlds of music, food, books, cocktails and car washes.

I am yet to try more of their meal options. I am looking forward to the next walk to that lovely café.

I am open to buying lunch for one extra person if they have an interesting life story with more twists and turns than a Dean Koontz novel.